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Representing the 4th District of California

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August 24, 2021 Speeches
Not long ago, our elections worked.  We maintained accurate voter registration rolls and routinely removed people who had moved or died.  AFTER all the candidates had their say, on ELECTION DAY, we went to our local polling place.  We brought our children to watch the process and taught them to respect it. 
May 14, 2021 Press Release
WASHINGTON – Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) and Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) have introduced the Open America’s Water Act, a bill that would repeal the Jones Act and allow all qualified vessels to engage in domestic trade between U.S. ports.
March 10, 2021 Speeches
What is the so-called Charleston Loophole? It is a provision that gives the FBI three days to provide a background check for a citizen to buy a gun. Three days for a background check doesn’t seem unreasonable since a credit check takes about three seconds. If the FBI fails to give a clear YES or NO in three days, the sale can proceed. That protects our second amendment right from arbitrary denial by inaction. That clearance is good for 30 calendar days from when you began the transaction. This bill replaces this 3-day limit with a multi-stage bureaucratic review process that can span up to 20 BUSINESS Days. It’s really quite clever. Your clearance is good for 30 CALENDAR days from the day you began the transaction, but clearance can be delayed for 20 BUSINESS Days.
March 2, 2021 Speeches
Democracies die when one party seizes control of the elections process, eliminates the safeguards that have protected the integrity of the ballot, places restrictions on free speech, and seizes the earnings of others to promote candidates they may abhor. That’s the bill before us today.
February 25, 2021 Speeches
This law could not be plainer: It says, gender is NOT a question of genetics; but of personal choice. Leftist dogma now calls for this doctrine to be imposed under force of law, and its effect is frightening. States that have adopted similar laws have threatened safe spaces for women and intimidated the free exercise of conscience. But let me focus on just two aspects: how they destroy women’s sports and render parents powerless to protect their own children.
February 25, 2021 Speeches
Everything that we touch in our daily lives; everything that makes our lives possible; everything that makes us more comfortable and more prosperous; comes to us in only two ways. It is either grown or it is mined. That is a universal truth. Everything is either grown or mined. Fortunately, nature has given us a superabundance of resources and left it to us to responsibly reap and manage this bounty. But it is precisely these resources that the left has waged war against for a full generation. The very things that make us prosperous and comfortable are the things the left attempts to put off limits. Is it any wonder that the more they extend their domain, the worse the human conditions that they produce?
February 4, 2021 Speeches
We are now nearly a year into the most self-destructive social experiment in the recorded history of human civilization. On this day a year ago, we enjoyed the greatest economic expansion in our lifetimes. The poverty rate was the lowest in 60 years. The unemployment rate was the lowest in 50 years. Wage growth was the strongest in 40 years. The wage gap was narrowing, with blue collar wages growing the fastest. Unemployment rates for minority groups and women was the lowest ever recorded. And then, over a course of just a few catastrophic weeks, our government took a wrecking ball to it all. In the second quarter, GDP plunged by a third – the worst decline in productivity ever recorded. Unemployment exploded to its highest levels since the great depression. Tens of millions of Americans lost their jobs. Trillions of dollars of the nation’s wealth were squandered.
January 3, 2021 Columns
Many Americans still have serious concerns about the integrity of the vote in this election, and rightly so. In-person Election Day voting, with all the safeguards inherent in that system, has been replaced with mass mailing of ballots to every name on voter rolls that may be deceased or have moved, often followed by ballot harvesters to collect the surplus ballots and with no chain of custody.
December 3, 2020 Speeches
Governor Newsom made a truly stunning discovery regarding Covid-19 last week. Apparently, it has learned to tell time. This is why, acting under the strictest of scientific standards, he has used his galactic powers to order Californians to run home before 10 pm, lock their doors and hide from this insidious virus until daybreak. Unfortunately, Covid doesn’t seem to be following the curfew, so Newsom is now threatening a “hard lockdown” of virtually the entire state throughout the Christmas season. Don we now our plague apparel. There’s just one nagging question the Governor hasn’t bothered to answer: if these lockdowns are so successful, why do we need to keep having them?
November 19, 2020 Speeches
I rise this morning in defense of Governor Gavin Newsom who recently defied his own idiotic Covid edicts as he partied at one of the few restaurants that he has not yet forced out of business. I defend him because he was doing what we all once did in a free society: make our own decisions over what risks we are willing to run and what precautions we are willing to take according to our own circumstances to protect our own health.