Congressman Tom McClintock

Representing the 4th District of California


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December 2, 2015 Vote Notes on Legislation

S. 1177 - Every Student Succeeds Act (or the Bill Formerly Known as No Child Left Behind): YES.  George W. Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” has been a disaster.  Its stated goal was to bring every child to grade-level proficiency by 2014.  Instead, for the first time in 25 years student achievement is declining with just 33 percent of 8th graders proficient in math and 34 percent in reading.  So what to do?

February 25, 2009 Speeches

House Chambers, Washington D.C.
February 25, 2009

M. Speaker:

 When it was announced that Randolph Churchill had been hospitalized to remove a benign tumor, a parliamentary wag commented, “What a pity it is to remove the only part of Randolph that isn’t malignant.”

 As I look at this bill, I can only remark what a pity it is to remove the only part of the nation’s education system that actually works.

January 12, 2009 Press Release

Congressman Tom McClintock Appointed to Resources Committee and Education & Labor Committee

Congressman Tom McClintock achieved a key goal today and announced he has been appointed as a member of the House Natural Resources Committee.