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January 30, 2020 Speeches
(Washington, D.C) Congressman McClintock (R-CA) delivered the attached remarks today in opposition to amendments to H.R. 550:
In Opposition to Amendments on Iran and Iraq
H.R. 550
Congressman Tom McClintock
January 30, 2020
Mr. Speaker:
January 28, 2020 Speeches
In 2016, President Obama sent $1.7 billion of untraceable cash on cargo pallets to the regime in Iran...
January 9, 2020 Speeches
President Trump needed no other reason to order the attack that killed Soleimani IN IRAQ beyond the simple fact that he was acting as an enemy combatant against U.S. forces in a war zone in which the Congress had authorized the President to take military action.
July 15, 2015 Speeches

Congressman McClintock delivered the following remarks on the House floor on July 15th, 2015 regarding the President's agreement with Iran on nuclear issues:

A Breathtakingly Dangerous Act
July 15, 2015

Mr. Speaker:

    I don’t know how adequately to express my alarm and outrage at the President’s agreement with Iran.  

    It is a breathtakingly dangerous act.