Congressman Tom McClintock

Representing the 4th District of California
  • Mr. President: Keep Your Promise to Caldor Fire Victims

    “We’re going to take care of them (and) there’s a lot that we can do.” Those were the President’s words spoken to these families in September.
  • Democrats’ Build Back Broke Bill – House Floor Remarks

    The trillions of dollars of spending by the Democrats has driven the inflation rate to 6.2 percent and rising. That means, if you earn $50,000 a year, the Democrats just took $3,100 of it. If you’ve put $100,000 toward your retirement, the Democrats just took $6,200 of that.
  • Honoring Marine Sergeant Nicole Gee

    Our history is punctuated with moments of heroism so profound they live forever. To these iconic images, history added another: Sgt. Nicole Gee in full combat gear, cradling a helpless infant amidst the unfolding chaos and peril at the Kabul Airport...
  • Afghanistan Aftermath

    President Biden hasn’t mentioned Afghanistan since he turned the phased, conditional withdrawal under Trump into an unconditional surrender to the Taliban... House Floor Remarks, November 4, 2021.
  • Sorry, Forest Service: Fire is NOT our Friend

    It is dangerous nonsense to “monitor” incipient fires in today’s forest tinderbox, even if they seem to pose no immediate danger.

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A congressional subpoena is different than a normal subpoena.  A normal subpoena requires a judicial hearing to determine if there is legal cause to issue it.  A congressional subpoena has no such check, so the reasons for a congressional subpoena are limited to Congress’ oversight responsibilities over the bureaucracy and to inform its legislative duties.   Congress has no authority to issue subpoenas merely to find out who did what to whom.  That’s what it is doing here, by the admission of its own members.  Since Congress has no authority to issue such a subpoena, a respondent has no obligation to respect it.  
Marjorie Taylor Greene is a freshman Congresswoman with an extensive history of Internet outbursts that range from bizarre to frightening. Yet, for some reason not readily apparent to the outside world, the people of the 14th District of Georgia elected her to represent them in the House with nearly 75% of the vote.
Federal law forbids recently retired officers from serving as Secretary of Defense for some very good reasons. Civilian control of the military is a bulwark of our freedom. I voted to suspend this law for James Mattis and it was a big mistake. If general officers aspire to advancement in this manner, I am very concerned it will naturally politicize their acts to curry favor with whichever party they expect to be in power. I have grown increasingly wary of inbred corporate culture within any bureaucracy and it is especially dangerous within an armed bureaucracy.

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