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  • Earmarks: A Monumentally Bad Idea

    Yet that is exactly the principle of congressional earmarks: choosing the same slice of pie you have just cut – or more precisely, spending the same money that you have just appropriated.
  • The Racist Left

    Racism is the practice of according rights and privileges to an individual not based on equality under the law, but rather according to what race that person was born. It is antithetical to every principle our country was founded upon...
  • The Inflation Tax

    When the Democrats passed President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion spending spree in March, a lot of people got a lot of free money. But the bill is already coming due for that free money, and it turns out that free money is expensive.
  • Our Borderless Country

    Last year, we achieved operational control of our southern border for the first time in generations. Would-be trespassers knew they would be turned back and so never started the perilous journey.
  • Southern Border Press Conference

    I must tell you in all of my years in the Congress this has been the most disturbing field tour that I’ve ever taken. 100 family units illegally crossed the border the week of the election. By the week of the inauguration, the number had increased to 1,100

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Marjorie Taylor Greene is a freshman Congresswoman with an extensive history of Internet outbursts that range from bizarre to frightening. Yet, for some reason not readily apparent to the outside world, the people of the 14th District of Georgia elected her to represent them in the House with nearly 75% of the vote.
Federal law forbids recently retired officers from serving as Secretary of Defense for some very good reasons. Civilian control of the military is a bulwark of our freedom. I voted to suspend this law for James Mattis and it was a big mistake. If general officers aspire to advancement in this manner, I am very concerned it will naturally politicize their acts to curry favor with whichever party they expect to be in power. I have grown increasingly wary of inbred corporate culture within any bureaucracy and it is especially dangerous within an armed bureaucracy.
The National Apprenticeship program is an 80-year old superannuated program that has become so ossified and bureaucratized that it is no longer a serious factor in employment...

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