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Congressman Tom McClintock

Representing the 4th District of California


Latest News

February 27, 2009 Columns

By Congressman Tom McClintock

February 25, 2009 Speeches

House Chambers, Washington D.C.
February 25, 2009

M. Speaker:

 When it was announced that Randolph Churchill had been hospitalized to remove a benign tumor, a parliamentary wag commented, “What a pity it is to remove the only part of Randolph that isn’t malignant.”

February 12, 2009 Speeches

House Chamber, Washington, D.C.
February 12, 2009

M. Speaker:

 I rise again to urge the majority to consider very carefully the damage they are doing to our nation’s economy by passing this unprecedented spending measure.

February 10, 2009 Press Release

February 10, 2009

 Mme. Speaker:

  Before we continue with a stimulus policy that has consistently failed to stimulate anything but government, I think the supporters of this program need to answer some very simple questions.

February 10, 2009 Speeches

House Chamber, Washington D.C.
 February 10, 2009

 M. Speaker:

 Benjamin Franklin warned us that “Passion governs, but she never governs wisely.”

 As the Congress and the President rush to enact the latest in a long line of mega-spending bills, I think we would be well advised to spend a little more time on the dispassionate math of the matter.

February 4, 2009 Speeches

House Chamber, Washington, D.C.
February 4, 2009

  M. Speaker:

 The mantra we hear from the Left is that government – rather than the productive sector – needs to create new jobs.  According to our new President, the $825 billion spending bill will create 3 million new jobs.

February 3, 2009 Speeches

M. Speaker:

 When we speak of running up a $2 trillion debt to pay for this year of unprecedented spending, where does that money come from?

 We don’t have it, and so we borrow it.

January 27, 2009 Speeches

House Chamber, Washington, D.C., January 27, 2009.  Mr. Chairman:

With this measure, the new administration seems bound and determined to continue the failed policy of the past administration.  This proves what I like to call “McClintock’s Second Law of Political Physics,” which is, the more we spend on our mistakes, the less willing we are to admit them.

January 27, 2009 Speeches

House Chamber, Washington, D.C., January 27, 2009, Mr. Speaker:

 Much has been said about the chilling effect this legislation will have on our economy because of the endless lawsuits it makes possible – including for grievances that may stretch back 30 years or more.  And I certainly share those concerns.