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Congressman Tom McClintock

Representing the 4th District of California


July 23, 2013 Speeches
This has been a summer of alarming revelations that suggest our government is drifting far from the principles of individual liberty and constitutionally limited government that defined the American Founding and that produced the most free and prosperous Republic in the history of mankind.
July 18, 2013 Speeches
I rise today to warn of the latest episode in a saga that can best be described as "Greens Gone Wild." It involves the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposal to declare two million acres in the Sierra Nevada Mountains as "critical habitat" for the Sierra Nevada Yellow Legged Frog and the Yosemite Toad under the Endangered Species Act.
July 10, 2013 Speeches
America is a nation of immigrants. We are all either immigrants ourselves or we are the sons and daughters of immigrants. America's motto is "E Pluribus Unum" - from many, ONE. From many nations we have created one great nation - the American nation. There is only one way to accomplish this remarkable feat and that is through the process of assimilation.
June 28, 2013 Speeches
When Juan Cabrillo first sailed up the Santa Barbara Channel in 1542, he noted a massive natural oil slick - that's how vast are California's petroleum resources.
June 27, 2013 Speeches
Three major developments have occurred within the last six weeks that are each disturbing by themselves, but extremely alarming when viewed together.
June 19, 2013 Speeches
The Farm Bill is now before us, a measure originating in the House of Representatives whose majority was elected on a clear mandate to stop wasting money. Yet all this bill does is to continue to waste money. Yes, it tightens up a little on automatic eligibility for the food stamp program and that's a good thing. Yet this modest reform is a poor substitute for the complete overhaul that is desperately needed.
June 18, 2013 Speeches
In the early 1760's the Royal Governor of Massachusetts began issuing "writs of assistance" as general warrants to search for contraband. They empowered officials to search indiscriminately for evidence of smuggling.
June 12, 2013 Speeches
Last week, the nation learned of the plight of Sarah Murnaghan, the ten-year- old who will die within weeks unless she gets a desperately needed lung transplant. There are no pediatric lungs available - but there are adult lungs, which her doctors say would be entirely satisfactory for her condition. But because she is nearly 11 years old but not 12, the bureaucratic regulations prohibited it.
June 5, 2013 Speeches
Since 1835, the Rules of the House have limited appropriations to only those purposes actually authorized by law. Unless and until the program is authorized, the House may not appropriate funds for it under this long-standing rule. Yet this rule is routinely ignored by the appropriations committee and by the House. Last year, the eleven appropriations bills reported out of committee contained over $350 billion for programs that had either never been authorized, or whose authorizations had lapsed years, and sometimes decades ago.
May 21, 2013 Speeches
One of the most disturbing aspects of the unfolding scandal involving the misuse of the IRS is what can only be described as an insatiable appetite for names, names, and more names.