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Congressman Tom McClintock

Representing the 4th District of California


October 1, 2013 Speeches
The little towns around Yosemite National Park depend on tourism for their economies and are still reeling from the Yosemite Rim Fire that brought tourism to a near standstill last month. This morning, the National Park Service ordered all visitors out of the park due to the government shutdown, causing lodges and concessionaires to lay off employees and close.
October 1, 2013 Speeches
This shutdown should not have happened. The framers of our Constitution designed our system to have tension and differences between the two houses of the Congress. That's a given. But after the House and Senate have exercised their best judgment, they are then supposed to then sit down and negotiate out their disagreements. This is the way our bicameral system has worked for 225 years. It is the only way that it CAN work. That hasn't happened this time.
September 28, 2013 Speeches
A crisis is not a good time for inflammatory rhetoric and ad hominem attacks. I will simply say that yesterday, the President missed an opportunity to bring both sides together. That responsibility now rests solely with us. Nobody on the Republican side of the aisle wants to see a government shutdown or a credit default. And I am confident that nobody on the Democratic side wants to see millions of Americans lose the health plans they were told they could keep; or see their healthcare costs skyrocket, or lose their jobs or work hours because of the unintended consequences of Obamacare.
September 18, 2013 Speeches
I was deeply saddened to see the President begin the sixth year of our nation's economic malaise by renewing his partisan name-calling and finger pointing on Monday.
September 16, 2013 Speeches
This act takes on poignant and crucial importance to my district in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, where the Yosemite Rim fire continues to burn through more than 400 square miles of forest land.
September 11, 2013 Speeches
Amidst the international humiliation and farce we have suffered with our abortive war with Syria, there are two good things the President has done, and they need to be noted. Last night, he stepped back from an international crisis that could have had catastrophic consequences, by deferring to the Russian diplomatic initiative. Thank God. And last week, he stepped back from a constitutional crisis, by deferring to Congress the decision over whether to go to war - as the Constitution requires.
September 10, 2013 Speeches
Russia's diplomatic intervention in the Syrian crisis is welcome news - but whether it is real or illusory, the President needs to step back from the precipice he has taken us to. The President has made his case for war with Syria very clearly: that the United States must punish the use of chemical weapons and if we don't they are more likely to be used again. He assures us that the strike will be limited and that it will aid moderates fighting the regime. He warns that American credibility is at stake. The case is clear. It is simply not convincing.
August 1, 2013 Speeches
Yosemite Valley is a national treasure that was set aside in 1864 with the promise it would be preserved for the express purpose of "Public Use, Resort and Recreation." Ever since, Americans have enjoyed a host of recreational opportunities and amenities as they have come to celebrate the splendor of the Valley. Now, the National Parks Service, at the urging of leftist environmental groups, is proposing eliminating many of those amenities...
July 30, 2013 Speeches

Congressman McClintock delivered the following remarks on the House floor in support of his amendment to the Transportation Appropriations bill to eliminate funding for the "Essential Air Service" program.   The amendment was not adopted.

Essential Air Service
House Chamber, Washington, D.C.
July 30, 2013

Mr. Chairman:

July 29, 2013 Speeches
At the request of Congressmen Jason Smith, Billie Long and Rick Crawford, the Water and Power Subcommittee meets today in West Plains, Missouri to hear first-hand of the dangers and potential impacts of the so-called "National Blueways Order" of the Department of the Interior, and other exclusionary federal land and water management policies.