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Congressman Tom McClintock

Representing the 4th District of California


January 20, 2015 Speeches
Congressman McClintock delivered the following remarks on the House floor regarding the State of the Union Address:
January 13, 2015 Speeches
This is Placer County Sheriff’s Detective Michael Davis, Jr. You may have heard of him. He was gunned down on October 24th last year in one of the most shocking murder rampages in the history of that county.
December 10, 2014 Speeches

Since when has congressional disagreement over legislation been license for the President to legislate by himself?  That was the issue Congressman McClintock discussed in remarks delivered on the House floor on December 10th.  In the remarks the Congressman discussed the Constitution and separation of powers.

The Constitutional Crisis: What To Do?

December 4, 2014 Speeches

Executive Amnesty Prevention Act

December 3, 2014 Speeches

The California Emergency Drought Relief Act (HR 5781)

House Floor Debate Remarks in Support
Monday, December 8, 2014

Congressman Tom McClintock

December 3, 2014 Speeches

The genius of our Constitution can be found in the separation of powers that has preserved our freedom for 225 years.  The American Founders recognized that what had gone so terribly wrong in Europe was that the same organ of government that made the law also enforced that law and adjudicated it.  All the powers were in the same hands.

December 2, 2014 Speeches

Congressman McClintock delivered the following remarks at a forum on national strength and security in Washington, D.C. hosted by Concerned Veterans for America 


Strength and Security Seminar
Concerned Veterans for America

December 2, 2014


November 18, 2014 Speeches

In Memory of Deputy Danny Oliver and Detective Michael Davis
House Chambers, Washington, D.C.
November 18, 2014

Mr. Speaker:

    On October 24, Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputy Danny Oliver and Placer County Detective Michael David Davis were wantonly gunned down in one of the most cold-blooded rampages in the history of either county.

October 19, 2014 Speeches

Angels Camp, California
October 18, 2014


    The history of Angels Camp is the history of California and the history of westward expansion.

    We don’t celebrate westward expansion these days as we did a generation ago, but we ought to.

September 17, 2014 Speeches
All of us recognize the threat posed to our nation by the Islamic State. The question before us is whether to arm and train supposedly vetted elements of the Free Syrian Army as a proxy ground force.