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Congressman Tom McClintock

Representing the 4th District of California

S. 764 - GMO Food Labelling: YES

July 14, 2016
Vote Notes on Legislation

S. 764 – GMO Food Labelling: YES.  Mankind has genetically modified crops and livestock since the dawn of recorded history (it’s called cross-breeding, and it gives us seedless grapes and sweeter corn).  A movement has recently emerged that contends – despite every scrap of available scientific evidence – that genetic modifications are dangerous and demands that all foods be labeled as to their genetic modifications.  State governments are now responding with intricate labeling requirements. The food industry fears this will produce a patchwork of local and state regulations that would make interstate commerce impossible. The House acted to provide a voluntary, uniform standard for those producers that wanted to market their products accordingly.  The Senate version mandates product labeling. I MUCH preferred the voluntary standard and would normally oppose the mandate.  However, in this case it would prevent a serious disruption in food markets threatened by patchwork local requirements, and as a practical matter it means a pro forma disclaimer that will educate the public that virtually every food they’ve eaten for years is in some way genetically modified.  In short: it is a bad precedent that we shouldn’t follow very far, but in this case it does more good than harm.