Congressman Tom McClintock

Representing the 4th District of California

H.R. 8015 – Setting Our Hair on Fire over the Post Office Act: No

August 22, 2020
Vote Notes on Legislation
H.R. 8015 – Setting Our Hair on Fire over the Post Office Act: No.  The U.S. Post Office currently has $14 billion in cash reserves, is funded until August of 2021, and has a $10 billion line of credit that it has not used.  Although it is required to be self-supporting, it continues to operate at appalling deficits due to its antiquated processes compounded by a dramatic loss of business to the Internet and private carriers.  Last year, the bi-partisan U.S. Postal Commission ordered its operations to be streamlined and modernized, and in May 2020 the Board of Governors unanimously selected Louis DeJoy, an internationally renowned expert in logistics, to reorganize the U.S.P.S. for the 21st Century.
          DeJoy’s institutional reforms are vigorously opposed by the postal unions and its supporters in Congress.  Meanwhile, Democrats have been pressing for universal mail-in elections, in which ballots would be mailed to millions of phantom voters who have moved or died but not removed from the rolls, followed up by “ballot harvesters” to collect them.   
          The issue of mail-in elections aside, the total votes cast in a presidential election amount to about one third of a single day’s postal volume.  
          Nevertheless, the Democrats have wildly accused the administration of “undermining the election” by “dismantling the Post Office.”  This bill forbids the operational changes to restore solvency to the Post Office and appropriates $25 billion to cover its massive deficits.  This is nonsense.