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Congressman Tom McClintock

Representing the 4th District of California

H.R. 5895 – “Minibus” Spending Bill: No

June 8, 2018
Vote Notes on Legislation
H.R. 5895 – “Minibus” Spending Bill:  No.  This is a combination of appropriations bills that funds the legislative branch, the Veteran’s Administration, energy, water and military construction.  Like any large, omnibus bill it has good features, among them: it proceeds with the long overdue Yucca Mountain nuclear storage facility, repeals the Obama Administration’s WOTUS order (which was already struck down by the courts), shifts $1 billion of mandatory spending to discretionary and upgrades our nuclear arsenal.
But it is a fiscal train wreck.  It continues the Congress’ profligate spending that threatens the nation with trillion-dollar annual deficits that place us in imminent danger of a debt spiral.  As the administration pointed out, Congress is in the process of exceeding the President’s non-defense spending request for 2019 by $57 billion (about $450 per family).
The CBO recently reported that revenues in the first seven months of the fiscal year are up over the prior year.  This means that the tax cuts approved last year are more than paying for themselves through additional economic growth.  But the CBO also reported that, despite the increased revenues, the deficit also grew because of a complete lack of fiscal discipline by the Congress.  This measure is a case in point.