Congressman Tom McClintock

Representing the 4th District of California

H.R. 2157 – Supplemental Appropriations Act: No

May 10, 2019
Vote Notes on Legislation

H.R. 2157 – Supplemental Appropriations Act: No.  In what has become a tradition, HR 2157 uses emergency disaster relief as an excuse for loading up billions of dollars of non-disaster relief spending that normally would raise serious questions.  According to the CBO, only about 30 percent of the funds appropriated by this act will be spent this year – giving the lie to any claim this is an emergency appropriation.  It blocks Military Construction and Defense funding from being used to build the border wall that is desperately needed for the security of our country.  It extends the National Flood Insurance Program, which subsidized the insurance premiums for people who have chosen to live in flood zones.  It even includes $2.5 billion for “resiliency” programing to combat “climate change” and funding increases for Head Start and the Legal Services Corporation.