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Congressman Tom McClintock

Representing the 4th District of California

H.R. 2 – Agriculture and Nutrition Act: No

December 12, 2018
Vote Notes on Legislation

H.R. 2 – Agriculture and Nutrition Act: No.  I opposed this nearly trillion dollar farm subsidy bill when it left the House,
and it comes back from conference committee even worse.  The House version at least took a stab at providing work requirements for about 20 percent of single able-bodied SNAP recipients and added a few important forest-management provisions.  Yet even these half-hearted measures didn’t get past the objections of Senate Democrats.  All the reform that is left is a three-percent reduction in state work waivers for SNAP and extension of an already existing 3,000-acre categorical exclusion from NEPA for forest management – hardly justification for a bill that spends nearly $80 of an average family’s taxes every year to keep their grocery prices artificially high.