Congressman Tom McClintock

Representing the 4th District of California

H.J.Res 31 – Appropriations “Minibus” for FY 2019: No

February 14, 2019
Vote Notes on Legislation
H.J.Res 31 – Appropriations “Minibus” for FY 2019: NO.  Our country faces two dangers that have proven fatal to other countries: the collapse of our borders and the collapse of our finances.  This bill doesn’t solve our border crisis and it makes our fiscal woes worse.
It provides only $1.375 billion of the $5.7 billion necessary to complete the border wall at a time when 60,000 foreign nationals are illegally crossing into our country every month.  Further, it hamstrings the use of this money with restrictions on the type of wall that can be constructed, confines it geographically, orders massive breaks in coverage and subjects it to local delays.  Worse, it places new restrictions on law enforcement in trying to enforce our existing immigration law.
Furthermore, the President has statutory authority to reprogram more than $13 billion in military construction funds for border wall construction without such restrictions.  With or without this bill, he will still need to invoke this authority.
While the measure doesn’t solve the border crisis, it irresponsibly increases overall spending at a time when revenues are essentially flat, moving us closer to a trillion-dollar annual deficit which economists warn is risking a debt spiral and ultimately a sovereign debt crisis.  
Countries that can’t defend their borders or that bankrupt themselves aren’t around very long.  This bill fails to defend our borders and brings us closer to catastrophic fiscal insolvency.