Congressman Tom McClintock

Representing the 4th District of California

H. Res. 6 - House Rules: NO

January 3, 2019
Vote Notes on Legislation

H. Res. 6 - House Rules: NO. This measure paves the way for a spending spree at a time the federal government is approaching $22 trillion of debt and trillion-dollar annual deficits.  It takes the required 3/5 vote for tax increases to a simple majority, in effect declaring open season on American taxpayers.  It automatically suspends the debt limit upon adoption of a budget, essentially removing any constraint on deficit spending.  It modifies the current PAYGO rule to constrain the administration’s ability to administratively reduce spending.  It makes a few improvements, such as requiring text of a bill to be available 72 hours prior to votes, but these are dwarfed by opening the floodgates on massive tax and spending increases.