Congressman Tom McClintock

Representing the 4th District of California

H. Con. Res. 27 – Federal Budget for Fiscal Year 2016: YES

March 25, 2015
Vote Notes on Legislation

3/25/15 - H. Con. Res. 27 – Federal Budget for Fiscal Year 2016: YES.  Sadly, the final version of the House Budget as amended on the floor declines to pay for $22.5 billion in additional spending for defense and refugee resettlement that was added to the off-budget war account to satisfy “defense hawks.”  Although technically this only affects spending for FY 2016, I fear it implicitly repudiates programmed reductions in 2017, without which the budget may not balance within ten years as called for in the version that passed the House Budget Committee.  

Nevertheless, I still (unenthusiastically) support the final budget resolution for three principal reasons: 1) even with the unpaid defense plus-up, it continues to reduce the deficit into FY 2016; 2) it contains essential reforms to Medicare and Medicaid to prevent these programs from collapsing; and 3) if agreement is reached with the Senate, it sets in motion reconciliation instructions for the outright repeal of Obamacare.