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Congressman Tom McClintock

Representing the 4th District of California

The Rump Congress

December 22, 2010

M. Speaker:

This lame duck session is rapidly descending into farce.  I believe this House is now in danger of becoming a caricature of everything the American people rejected in November: incompetence, arrogance, and a complete detachment from reality. 

Nearly two months ago, the American people said very clearly they don’t want this Congress legislating for them any longer.  And instead of graciously and humbly accepting the public’s verdict, the Democratic leaders seem intent to thumb their noses at the American people.

Perhaps the most bitter indictment of a malingering legislative body was delivered by Cromwell to the Rump Parliament.  His words seem appropriate now to this Rump Congress:  

“You have sat here too long for any good you have been doing.  It is not fit that you should sit here any longer.  You shall now give way to better men.  Now depart and go, I say, in the name of God, Go.”