Congressman Tom McClintock

Representing the 4th District of California

The Real World of Obamacare

October 2, 2013

The Real World of Obamacare

October 2, 2013


Mr. Speaker:

Yesterday, the president charged that the government shutdown is the result of a – quote – “ideological crusade to deny affordable health insurance to millions of Americans.”  

I would beg the President to read his correspondence and listen to the millions of Americans who are LOSING their affordable health insurance as a result of Obamacare: who are seeing their healthcare premiums skyrocket, or their hours cut back at work, or who are losing their jobs or the health plans they liked and that HE promised they could keep.

Here is a sampling of the emails and letters I received last week as people have come face to face with the ugly reality of Obamacare.  

A woman from El Dorado County writes: 

“Last month I received a letter from the Human Resources Manager at my place of employment that states I am going to receive a 23% pay cut as a result of Obama Care. They say they are required by the Employer Mandate to provide insurance for every employee or face a fine. My 23% pay cut is equal to $22,000 and will financially devastate my family, as I am the primary income of our family. I tried to explain that I already have insurance through my husband's employer and Blue Cross Blue Shield and I do not need another policy. However, they said Obama Care does not have an option for married employees who are paying for coverage through their spouses’ employer. I even offered to pay the $2,000 employer fine instead of being subject to the $22,000 pay cut, but they said that is not an option.”

A man from the town of Pioneer, California writes, “I received a letter from my insurance carrier that as of the end of this year, they will drop all individual plans in our state because of Obamacare.” 

A woman from Markleeville writes,   “It (Obamacare) is already affecting me in my ability to obtain diabetic testing supplies. Please AT LEAST defund it; better yet, repeal it. And then go to work on REAL reforms that are necessary.”

A man from Sonora writes, “I have just received my projected healthcare cost for this coming year through Kaiser. The premium will be increasing by 43.8%. Healthcare is becoming increasingly unaffordable. The current healthcare, fuel and power cost is destroying our economy. Wages are going down and cost of living is rising. If the current trend is not reversed our country and all in it are looking at financial and economical ruin.” 

A man from Amador County, who is in the durable medical equipment business writes:  “Obama has already killed our industry and soon your telephone is going to be ringing off the hook with disgruntled patients that cannot get product.”  

A woman from Nevada City writes: “Please repeal ObamaCare! The health insurance for our family this year went up more than $450 each month! It's not possible for middle-class citizens to pay that!”

  From Farmington, California, a woman writes: “I have worked in the Healthcare industry as a registered Nurse for over 25 years and have already seen its negative impact in the Hospital just in the preparing to begin working with it. Also my husband and I have noticed the increasing of prices in our own private healthcare charges.”

A woman from Granite Bay, California writes: “…As a result of Obamacare our health insurance costs have tripled…our co-pay has doubled, and the deductible has also gone up. Also my primary doctor retired, the next one closed his practice, and my present doctor will close her practice if Obamacare is not repealed!

A man from Rocklin, California writes, “As a result of this legislation, my health insurance cost thru my employer has nearly tripled. Combined with anemic economic growth (resulting in 1% pay raise per year since 2009 and bonus cut by 2/3), increased taxes, et al, I have effectively had severe pay cuts. (And most of my coworkers as well) ... The ACA is a burden on me, my family, my community, and our future.”

From Auburn, California, a woman writes: “I did some shopping at Save Mart in Auburn today and talked to a woman who works there. She said the store is cutting back everyone's hours to 20 hours per week. I asked if it was because of Obamacare and she said yes. This is happening all over the country and it's outrageous.”

Mr. Speaker, I’m sure that the President and our Democratic colleagues are hearing the same complaints.  Why aren’t they listening? 


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