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Congressman Tom McClintock

Representing the 4th District of California

The Plain Math of the Matter

February 4, 2009

House Chamber, Washington, D.C.
February 4, 2009

  M. Speaker:

 The mantra we hear from the Left is that government – rather than the productive sector – needs to create new jobs.  According to our new President, the $825 billion spending bill will create 3 million new jobs.

That sounded pretty good to me at a time when our economy is hurting so badly, until I pulled out a pocket calculator and did the math.  Three million new jobs for $825 billion.  Ladies and Gentlemen, that comes to $275,000 per job!

 That’s by the President’s own numbers.   $275,000 – that will have to be paid back – with interest – by average Americans – for every job he – himself – says will be created.

 Madam Speaker, we don’t need to stimulate government – government continues to grow just fine.  We need to stimulate the productive sector – and the best way to do that is to get off its back.