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Congressman Tom McClintock

Representing the 4th District of California

The Family Budget

June 15, 2010

House Chamber, Washington, D.C.  M. Speaker:

Suppose your family is deeply in debt, bills are piling up, your credit cards are eating you alive.  Finally, you seek the help of a financial counselor.

 What’s the first thing that counselor is going to say?  He’s going to say, “the very first thing we’ve got to do is sit down and sketch out a family budget.”

 We all know that. 

 It’s hard work.  It’s painful.  But it’s absolutely necessary if you’re going to get control of your finances.

 Our national debt is fast approaching the size of our entire economy.   

 Yet, while this House has all the time in the world to consider the most trivial matters, it can’t spare the time to develop a national budget at the very moment in the life of our nation when we need it the most -- before we bury our children in debt.

 Churchill once spoke of a locust generation.  I wonder if that’s what we’ve become?