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Congressman Tom McClintock

Representing the 4th District of California

Reducing the Federal Work Force

September 23, 2010

House Chamber, Washington, D.C., September 23, 2010.   M. Speaker:

I support this week’s Republican “You Cut” proposal to reduce the federal work force to its pre-Obama level by phasing out 188,000 new Obama bureaucrats.
This spending isn’t stimulating the economy. It’s stimulating government at the expense of the economy. 
Before government can create a job by spending money, it must first take that money out of the productive sector, destroying the very jobs that create wealth and replacing them with government jobs that merely consume it.
In 1946, Harry Truman slashed federal spending from $85 billion to $30 billion and fired ten million federal employees. It was called “War Demobilization.” The Keynesians predicted catastrophic unemployment. Instead, he produced the post-war economic boom.
We know how to revive an economy because we’ve done it before by reducing the burdens government has placed on productivity. All we lack is the political will. Perhaps the American people can help with that.