Congressman Tom McClintock

Representing the 4th District of California

In Opposition to the No Ban Act

April 21, 2021
(Washington, D.C.) - Congressman McClintock today voted NO on HR 1333.  The Congressman delivered the following remarks on the House floor during debate on the measure:
In Opposition to the No Ban Act
April 21, 2021
Mr. Speaker:
This bill presents a very simple question.  Should we all but strip the President of his authority to restrict travel from countries that pose a danger to the United States?  
Ronald Reagan and George Bush used this authority to protect our country.  So too did Barack Obama and even Joe Biden as recently as January 25th.
President Trump invoked this authority against countries that were hotbeds of international terrorism and that were not cooperating with the United States in providing basic information about travelers coming from these countries.  The left called it a “Muslim Ban.”  What nonsense.  His orders affected only a tiny fraction of Muslim majority countries and a sizeable number of non-Muslim countries.  The Supreme Court acknowledged this obvious truth when it upheld the President’s actions.    

In fact, when a rogue government changed its policy and cooperated with us, the restrictions were lifted.  Without this authority, the President would have been powerless to take simple, prudent precautions against terrorists and criminals from entering the United States.  
The President’s ability to protect against threats, negotiate security protocols and when necessary to retaliate against discriminatory actions by other countries depends on having this power at his immediate disposal.
This bill instead forbids the President from taking action unless he can show it is the weakest possible measure at his disposal.  It requires him to get his own Secretary of State’s permission, which is a constitutional absurdity.  And it gives anyone who claims any harm the standing to block an order in federal district court.
So, I ask, in this world that is becoming increasingly threatening and unstable, does this bill make us more safe or less safe?  The answer should be self-evident to anyone who is not completely besotted with the woke insanity of the radical left.