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Caldor Fire Information

October 7, 2021
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Caldor Fire Incident Overview (Updates Daily)

9/13/21 Letter to USFS Regional Forester Eberlien Regarding National Forest Closures in the Pacific Southwest Region:

Congressman McClintock and his colleagues Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-CA), Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), Rep. Ken Calvert (R-CA), and Jay Obernolte (R-CA) sent a letter to USFS Regional Forester Jennifer Eberlien regarding national forest closures in the Pacific Southwest Region. 

"As congressional members representing national forests in the Pacific Southwest Region, we urgently request that you immediately rescind Regional Order No. 21-07 that has closed 17 national forests within the region to public use.

"We are all sensitive to the danger of forest fires in our region, but each forest is different, and the local Forest Supervisors must have the trust and flexibility to determine conditions within their own jurisdictions and make reasonable judgments based on those conditions."\

Read their letter to Regional Forester below.

PG 1 USFS 9-13-21 FINALPG 2 FINAL USFS 9-13-21

9/9/21 Update from the El Dorado County Sheriff's Office About Plans to Re-Populate Grizzly Flats:

The re-population for Grizzly Flats residents to allow those whose homes are habitable and those whose homes have been lost will begin in a staggered manner starting Sunday and will likely be completed by the end of the day Monday. Below is a general overview of the process:

· Residents will be notified via El Dorado Sheriff’s Office and El Dorado County social media and Code Red approximately 24 hours prior to a designated date and time based on their address that they will be allowed re-entry.

· There will be a check-in and resident verification process at Pioneer Park where they will be given information on resources, hazards, etc. This is to prevent those who do not reside there from gaining access to the area.

· Contact information will be taken so that we can make contact with them directly throughout the recovery efforts. The form you will need to fill out can be found here: Please fill it out prior to your arrival.

· Different segments of the Grizzly Flats area will be repopulated at different times throughout Sunday and Monday to prevent extreme traffic jams, safety issues and hazards.

· Evacuees will need to bring a Government ID and some form of verification of address. We will make every effort to verify residence, but be prepared to be turned back if we are unable to do so.

· Evacuees will be given a permit to access their property and then cleared to enter the evacuated area. Again, the permit is intended to prevent the entry of those who do not live in the area and maintain the safety of those who do. Roadblocks will remain in place to check the permits during this process and for some period after.

· We are pleased to get you all to your properties. Thank you for your patience.

Rep. McClintock Attends Caldor Fire Incident Command Center Briefing 9/3/21:

Congressman McClintock met with El Dorado Hills Fire Chief Maurice Johnson, Sierra National Forest Supervisor Dean Gould, and Amador County Supervisor Brian Oneto at the Caldor Fire Incident Command Center briefing. While there is a long road ahead, tremendous progress has been made as a result of the selfless efforts of our firefighters and first responders.9-3-21 photo 19-3-21 photo 2

Interview on FOX40 9/2/21 - No Response From President Biden About Touring CA Wildfire Devastation:

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9-2-21 Fox 40

Caldor Fire Community Meeting 9/1/21:

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Caldor Fire 9-1-21 Community Meeting

Caldor Fire Updates 9/1/21:

9-1-21 Caldor

Caldor Fire Updates 8/31/21:

8-31-21 Caldor

Caldor Fire Operations Update 8/31/21:

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8-31-21 Operations Update

Statement from Congressman McClintock Regarding the Caldor Fire 8/30/21:

8-30-21 Caldor 2

Caldor Fire Updates 8/30/21:

8-30-21 Caldor 1

Rep. McClintock Attends Caldor Fire Command Center Briefing 8/26/21:

Congressman McClintock attended a Caldor Fire Command Center briefing and had a detailed discussion with El Dorado Forest Supervisor Jeff Marsolais, Sheriff John D’Agostini, and Cal Fire. Congressman McClintock was extremely impressed by all the firefighters and local leaders working to save lives and property and to put this fire out.Caldor Fire Briefing 8-26-21

Letter Inviting President Biden to Tour Catastrophic Wildfire Damage in CA 8/25/21:

Congressman McClintock joined his colleagues at the state and federal level in inviting President Biden to tour the damage caused in their districts by the catastrophic wildfires burning throughout California. The Caldor fire in CA-04 has resulted in the evacuation of tens of thousands of residents. Tragically, the town of Grizzly Flats has been devastated after the fire ripped through the community. The Caldor fire has grown to over 125,000 acres with 11% containment and is currently threatening the Lake Tahoe Basin and surrounding communities. Congressman McClintock and his colleagues believe that it’s important for the President to experience the situation in person to fully grasp the gravity of what the people of California are facing.

Read their letter to President Biden below.

Biden Letter 8-25-21

Rep. McClintock Requests a Major Disaster Declaration For Caldor Fire 8/23/21:

Press Release

Rep. McClintock sent a letter today to Gov. Newsom requesting a major disaster declaration for the Caldor Fire.  

“The Caldor Fire has now exceeded 106,500 acres with little containment. As of this writing, 557 structures have been destroyed, including 403 homes, with another 17,488 structures currently threatened. Tens of thousands of residents have been evacuated, with more expected. The town of Grizzly Flats has been flattened, with more communities throughout El Dorado and Amador counties under severe threat.
“I appreciate your quick action in declaring a state of emergency in response to this fire, which has facilitated federal suppression assistance. Given the continued rapid growth and severity of the Caldor fire, I ask that you request a major disaster declaration in order to provide needed assistance to communities and individuals impacted by this devastating fire.”

Read Congressman McClintock’s letter to Gov. Newsom below.

Newsom Letter 8-23-21

Caldor Fire Community Meeting 8/21/21:

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8-21-21 Community Meeting

Caldor Fire Updates 8/20/21:

USFS NF Closures

8-20-21 Caldor FIre Update

Caldor Fire Updates 8/18/21:

8-18-21 Caldor Update 1

8-18-21 Caldor 2


Statement from Congressman McClintock Regarding the Caldor Fire 8/17/21:

Caldor Fire Grizzly Flats

Caldor Fire Community Meeting 8/17/21:

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8-17-21 Community Meeting

Caldor Fire Updates 8/17/21:

8-17-21 Caldor Fire #2

8-17-21 Caldor Fire