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Congressman Tom McClintock

Representing the 4th District of California

Impeachment Hearings

March 4, 2020
Current Issues


Congressman Tom McClintock, Speeches in the House of Representatives on Impeachment of the President, December 9 – December 18, 2019


Congressman on Impeachment: "Before you get to evidence and witnesses, you have to have a crime..."
January 31, 2020

Senate Impeachment Trial
"Neither of those is grounds for impeachment under the Constitution..."
January 23, 2020


House Floor Speech in Opposition to the Impeachment of the President, December 18, 2019

Impeachment Hearing - House Judiciary Committee
"This is precisely the abuse of impeachment the American founders feared – that the power to overrule a national election would devolve into a weapon of partisan warfare...."  House Judiciary Committee Impeachment Hearing, December 11, 2019.


Interview: CNN
Rep. McClintock discusses House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearing with Wolf Blitzer, December 9, 2019.


“The President has the full responsibility and the authority under our constitution to conduct our foreign affairs…” interview, Bulls and Bears, November 13, 2019.


KAHI Auburn Interview on Impeachment Hearings, November 13, 2019.


Mueller Report
Rep. McClintock Discusses Mueller Hearing with Tucker Carlson
"Having desperately tried and failed to make a legal case against the President, you made a political case instead..." Rep. McClintock, Mueller Hearing, July 24, 2019

McClintock Questions Mueller on Special Counsel Report
House Judiciary Committee, July 24, 2019

Rep. Tom McClintock on Upcoming Testimony from Robert Mueller
Rep. McClintock tells Neil Cavuto he has questions for Muller Robert at the upcoming House Judiciary Committee hearing.  Interview with Neil Cavuto, Fox News Channel, June 29, 2019.

Interview on Outnumbered Overtime with Harris Faulkner
Discussion of the Inspector General investigation into the genesis of the Steele dossier.  May 30, 2019


Radio:  Joined the Larry O'Connor show to discuss the Attorney General Barr contempt hearing held by the House Judiciary Committee
May 9 , 2019
"No less than Daniel Webster once chaired the House Judiciary Committee and look at it today...what they're doing to the attorney general is to put him in a legal catch-22. They're requiring him to produce material that the law forbids him from producing. If he replied to that subpoena he would be breaking the law..."


Barr Contempt Resolution
House Judiciary Committee Hearing

May 8, 2019
The subpoena issued by this committee puts the Attorney General in a legal Catch-22: To comply with the subpoena, he must break the law. If he obeys the law, he must disobey the subpoena. Text link.


Robert Mueller Possibly Testifying Before Congress
Your World With Neil Cavuto, Fox News

May 6, 2019
"I think it’s important that we find out how this hoax developed and how it was used by senior officials in the FBI, in the intelligence agencies, in the Department of Justice..."

Interview Fox News
Outnumbered Overtime
Interview on Attorney General Barr Possibly Testifying in the House Judiciary Committee

May 2, 2019
"We are elected and accountable to the people that we represent. That's why only elected members of the House speak on the floor, that's why only elected members of the House ask questions in committee..."


Rep. McClintock Discusses the Release of the Mueller Report on CSPAN
April 19, 2019


Rep. McClintock Discusses the Release of the Mueller Report on NPR's All Things Considered Program
April 19, 2019